Grand Prismatic Spring bacteria mats

Grand Prismatic Spring bacteria mats, Photo by Steve Braun

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All of our tours are privately guided. Our guides are trained in wildlife biology, history, geology, botany, and other topics regarding the natural history of Yellowstone to provide you with the best experience possible. Japanese or English-speaking tours available. We live in Yellowstone country and look forward to sharing our home with you! 

Mayu Toyama, Plant Specialist and Author

Mayu Toyama

Plant Specialist and Author

Mayu has worked for plant and nature conservation for more than 20 years. The author of the only Yellowstone Ecosystem plant and natural history guidebook written in Japanese, Mayu enjoys exploring hidden corners of Yellowstone and sharing her studies with guests from around the world. She has organized restoration projects of various endangered plant species and managed two Hyogo State Parks focusing on animal and plant conservation. Mayu is a fluent English & Japanese speaker.

Steve Braun, Experienced guide and educator

Steve Braun

Experienced guide and educator

Steve Braun, a 30-year educator of Yellowstone’s and Japan’s natural wonders, combines academic studies in wildlife ecology and history (US and Japanese). Experienced guide and fluent English and Japanese speaker, he has guided more than 45,000 guest days and lectures frequently at schools and universities around the world. Steve has many publications about Yellowstone in Japanese journals & media. Fellow of the Japan Wolf Association.

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