Midway Geyser Basin - credit Steve Braun

Midway Geyser Basin, Photo by Steve Braun

Explore Yellowstone Off the Road

All our tours are privately guided.  Our expert guides will show you the hidden gems of Yellowstone off the main paths. Please contact us for more all-year selections or to custom-design your own adventure!

Dat Hikes - credit Steve Braun

Day Hiking

Explore Yellowstone away from the roads and crowds. 

Only 3% of park visitors leave the parking lot. Take a hike with us!

Enjoy learning and discovering the plants, tracks, wildlife, and geology with a National Park Service licensed guide.

Day Hike - credit Steve Braun

credit Steve Braun

Swallow seen on Day Hikes - credit NPS

credit NPS

Bison Herd - credit NPS

credit NPS

Sleigh Ride - credit NPS

credit NPS

Cross Country Skiing - credit Steve Braun

Cross Country Day Skiing or Snow Shoeing

Enjoy the winter world of Yellowstone and see more than just the average visitor.

Learn about tracks, winter ecology, geology and enjoy the beauty of snow and ice.

Winter walk - credit NPS

credit NPS

Old Faithful in winter - credit Mike Dunn

credit Mike Dunn


credit pxhere

Cold hunt - credit NPS

credit NPS

Geology tour - credit Steve Braun

Geology & Day Hike Exploration

Enjoy a fascinating day exploring the ancient fossil forests and remains of the Yellowstone volcano’s explosions.

A medium level hike together with exploring a little visited area near Yellowstone are included. Excellent for families and includes a learning activity for kids!

Petrified Tree - credit Kai Braun

credit Kei Braun

Explore geology - credit Steve Braun

credit Steve Braun

Amethyst - credit Kai Braun

credit Kei Braun

Petrified Tree in Rock - credit Steve Braun

credit Steve Braun

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