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Vacation Planning

Want to enjoy your vacation knowing that your trip is properly planned, efficient, well organized, and maximizes the value of your time and money? Then our Vacation Planning Assistance services are for you!

Let us spend hours on the telephone getting you the best reservation in the proper locations!

Have us utilize our more than 50 years of staff experience in various national parks around the world for YOUR trip!

Why make mistakes and waste time and money?

Every year we receive emergency telephone calls “I booked the wrong airport and I need help!”, a person who tried to organize their trip online by themselves with no national park experience and ended up more than 100 miles away in the wrong place. Or the visitors who booked their own vacation rental far away from where they want to be, wasting time, money and energy. And the visitors who booked their condo three hours away from the best wildlife areas, losing their chance to view wolves and bears! All of these guests wasted large amounts of their time, money, and energy.


We provide honest, careful, and experienced planning services to help you. A good hotel is good, a bad hotel is bad. Terrible, overpriced food is just that- bad tourist food. With our many years of experience, we know who can be trusted and who to avoid.

Vacation Planning Assistance rates vary according to the complexity of your trip and our level of involvement- from organizing the complete packages in Japan, Alaska, Yellowstone, and more to reserving guide services or hotels. Please contact us to arrange your well-planned trip!

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Media Coordination Media Guide

Media and Event Production

Yellowstone and its surrounding lands are perfect for your movie, television show, print media, or event! Currently three national television series are filming here! How about you?

We have more than 30 years of experience assisting with the production, licensing, logistics, guiding, and accurate narration of Yellowstone’s wonderful features, winter or summer!

Is a speaker necessary for an interview regarding bears or wolves? Radio or television? We can help!

Need a helicopter with special gear? An airplane for photos? Over-the-snow vehicles for spectacular landscapes? Or that perfect bear photo? We can provide the services you need to have a successful production.

Please see the link for the book production we coordinated and produced for the famous photographer, Mr. Suzuki. This project was one of the most challenging we have conducted since it required building trust with the local Native American community. The finished product is a beautiful testament to the grandeur of the tribes.

In addition, our staff has prepared numerous articles, delivered many lectures, helped with concerts and music prepared especially for Yellowstone’s wolves, and more! How can we assist you?

Media Planning

Moose are rarer than wolves! - Photo credit Steve Braun

Japanese Interpretation Thumbs Up Yellowstone!

Japanese Language Services

Join our tours, safaris, programs, and classes in English or Japanese! We offer bilingual services for guests from all over the world! Google searches in Japan will provide you with reviews and media reports of our wide-ranging lectures and educational programs in Japan as well as in the USA.

We have also published the world's first Japanese language flower guidebook of the Rocky Mountains! Please enjoy the beauty, history, and hidden information of the flowers in Yellowstone and other national parks! Please contact us to order copies for yourself, family, or educational groups. Bulk order discounts available!

Need assistance for a television program, magazine article, or book? Please contact us! We have produced many mass media products in Japan over the past 30 years!

For many years we have taught educational programs in Japanese and English for all age groups. Please contact us to organize your educational program too!

Please feel free to contact us in English or Japanese!

Yellowstone Tours in Japanese

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